One Good Thing Leads to Another — Classical Guitar 28

The last guitar I built was recently made for a terrific young man and musician who is off pursuing a masters degree in classical guitar performance at Yale. My previous classicals have been quite traditional. This one was something new for me, incorporating many elements found in contemporary classical guitars:  elevated neck, soundport, carbon-fiber neck reinforcement and ultra-stiff laminated sides. That guitar was so successful I built another like it. I again used Englemann spruce for the top (thanks to my friend Link for choosing some great wood!), but I changed the back and sides to Macassar ebony. Success — a powerful, attractive guitar appropriate for the performer or advanced student.

A group of experienced guitarists  had a chance to review it recently (including a former concert artist and GFA prize winner). Some of the comments:

  • “All of the players…were immediately impressed not only by the beauty of the instrument, but by the very features which you described before sending it.  It is soooo loud!  It has a clear, brilliant and balanced sound that separates voices wonderfully.””
  • loved the port,… they could hear detail in the tone that they’ve never been able to hear on other guitars.”
  • “…never heard a guitar that sustains individual notes like #28”

This guitar is for sale: $6,000

Michael Madden says:

I am pleased to have the opportunity to say a few words about this guitar, which I have had the privilege of playing. It is a marvelous instrument not only for its physical beauty, ( I have never seen the like in 55 years of playing and teaching), but for its volume, clarity and perhaps especially for its projection and sustain of individual notes throughout its range. The professional, or serious amateur player who is seeking an instrument that is easy to play, and clear in the most rapid and complex passages, will find this this instrument very satisfying. Since I met David Finck some 28 years ago, I have been a great fan of his. He has a remarkable gift for expressing himself in his work and I have enjoyed watching his web site to admire not only his guitars and violins, but all of the other astonishingly beautiful pieces he has created over the years.

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