Sound Adjustment

My ongoing education includes regular attendance at the Oberlin Violin Makers Acoustics Workshop.  This annual gathering collects some of the world’s foremost luthiers and acoustics researchers to share information and actively research topics in violin family acoustics.

If your violin or viola is no longer sounding its best or you want it to sound and play as good as it possibly can then it is time for a sound adjustment. Based on your experience with your instrument and my observations I will provide you with a diagnosis free of charge.

Diagnosis — the following are checked:

  • open  seams
  • Correct neck projection
  • Condition of the fingerboard, nut, and saddle
  • Proper string heights.
  • Fit, placement, condition and quality of soundpost and bridge
  • Tailpiece, tail-gut and accessories


This may involve making corrections to all of the above as well as possibly making a new bridge and/or soundpost; adjusting  string after-length; and trying alternate tailpieces, tailguts, and strings.  Even changing chinrests may have a dramatic effect on tone quality and responsiveness.


Sound adjustment cost is based on time spent adjusting soundpost, bridge position, tailgut, etc ($75 per hour/ prorated – $25 minimum). Shop work (new bridge, soundpost, fingerboard dressing, neck resets, etc., quoted).