See and Play My Latest at Brevard, NC July 5th and 6th

David Finck Violin

The Brevard Music Festival presents world class music throughout the summer and trains classical musicians from high school age on up to young professionals.  I’ll be set up in the music library at the Brevard Music Center on July 5th and 6th from 9AM to 5 PM providing an opportunity for violinists and violists to see and hear several of my instruments.

I will also be available for sound adjustment consultations or simply to trouble shoot problems you may be experiencing with your instrument (violins/violas). Please come visit and have a look. I would enjoy getting to know you.

Elevated Neck Classical Guitar

Classical Guitar by David Finck

Classical Guitar in Ziricote and Engelmann Spruce

After five years of exclusively making violins and violas it took a request from a fine young guitarist to coax me out of guitar building retirement, and I am glad he did — it was an invigorating project. In contrast to my previous work, which was quite traditional, this guitar features several modern innovations:  elevated fingerboard, dual carbon fiber rod reinforced neck, a sound port and laminated sides. I also  redesigned the neck block for a light and very stiff connection of the neck to the body, while simultaneously allowing the upper bout of the guitar more freedom to resonate.


Win one for modernism. I am pleased with the tonal presence of this instrument:  crystalline clarity,  singing trebles, distinct, lush basses, and plenty of volume. And it appears this guitar will be accompanying its new owner to the Yale School of Music graduate program in guitar performance.

A Father’s Dream

“A Father’s Dream” is a seven minute documentary about the family influences that inspired me to move my career from fine woodworking into violin-making.

Chip Williams was the director of photography for the project. Anne Ward wrote and edited the piece. Both shared producer/director responsibilities.

Apologies, but the video is temporarily unavailable while in play at a film competition.

Amati Inspired Violin

Amati Inspired Violin

A recently completed violin. Inspiration came from the outlines from a 1649 Nicolo Amati instrument. I enlarged the body and altered the arching from the original to create a violin with a bigger tonal presence better suited to the requirements of modern players. Contrary to mythology, a very good violin can sound very good right from the start.  This one found a home six days after it was strung for the first time.