Violinist Willa Finck

Every violin and viola has its own signature voice and characteristics, thus a great advantage is found in evaluating existing instruments rather than hoping for the best with a commissioned one. That is why I strive to maintain a selection of each model that I make for you to audition.

Your audition lasts for 2-weeks. I encourage you to visit my studio to make your selection so you may enjoy the luxury of evaluating and comparing each violin or viola I have on hand with the assurance that every instrument you try is performing optimally and the instrument you select is adjusted to your preferences.

Prior to taking an instrument on audition you’ll be asked to review and sign my  Audition Agreement Form. No payments are incurred with the possible exception of shipping (see below).

My studio is located in the heart of historic Valle Crucis, a destination for those who seek the beauty and varied recreation opportunities provided by the mountains of Western North Carolina. By car or plane it’s no more than a day’s travel from anywhere in the country.

If you cannot visit shipping can of course be arranged. You will pay for outbound shipping; I will cover the cost of return if the instrument is not suitable.



Violins and violas are $12,000. Personal and bank checks, as well as credit cards and PayPal payments are accepted. For those who are not able to pay in full, I offer two options to suit your budget, which may be discussed on a case-by-case basis:  private financing, or leasing with an option to buy. Please inquire for specifics.


Sound adjustments to my instruments are always provided free of charge to the original purchaser. It is normal for a violin to change over time in response to string tension and the forces applied by playing the instrument, especially in the first few years of its life. This may necessitate adjusting or replacing the soundpost and altering or replacing the original bridge, as well as other possible adjustments, to maintain optimal tonal characteristics and responsiveness. If I have not seen the instrument in a while I will give it a thorough check and cleaning as well.

Trade-ins of my own instruments are accepted in exchange for another of my instruments. Trade-ins must have been purchased from me. You will be offered full value of original price paid minus charges for repair and restoration needed (by my determination) to prepare the instrument for sale. If the instrument you trade for is of higher cost you pay the difference.

Resale. I will accept any instrument I have made for resale on consignment. You will pay up front for  repairs or restoration needed (by my determination) to prepare the instrument for sale. Sales commission is 20%; payment within 30 days of sale.


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